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Mascara Smudge



After years of working in a salon, I knew I eventually wanted to have my own space. While I loved all of the aspects of cosmetology and being able to provide all services, doing bridal hair and makeup was my favorite part. I loved being able to play an important role in making someone feel amazing on such a huge day in their life. Having my own studio space where I could make that all happen was a dream of mine. After finding the perfect location and giving it a little TLC, Marissa Ann Artistry came to life. I couldn't be happier with the space I created to share with you all.

Powder Texture
Bridal Consultation in the studio
Cozy studio corner
My favorite chairs
You could be here!
Before renovations
Before renovations

so many layers of carpeting

Before renovations
Mascara Smudge



My goal is to offer a space where everyone is welcome. I want to provide a space where all of my clients feel safe and comfortable. A space where we communicate visions and make them come to life. Along with the option of working together in my studio, I also will happily travel to you. Many chose the option of staying on location for their day of services, and I am always willing to accommodate that option.  My work goes beyond bridal services, and I am always welcoming new ideas for ways to use my space.  From haircuts, pre prom gatherings, group hair parties, and wedding services, we can make anything happen in this space together. I worked hard to create a studio space with a welcoming environment, and I hope you feel at home here. 


All genders. All colors. All beliefs. All ages. All types. All sexes. ALL PEOPLE. You are all welcome here. And so are your pets.

Image by Annie Spratt

Marissa: Owner & Stylist

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